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Meet the Team

We welcome you with warm smiles to our practice!



RDA, Front Desk Coordinator

Being a part of Mid Peninsula Orthodontics is awesome. Dr. Quo along with our amazing team, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. We are fortunate to see our patients grow up and see how their smiles transform. Having had braces myself as an adult, I can relate with our patients and provide them with pointers on oral hygiene techniques and what worked for me that may help them.




RDA, Surgery Coordinator

As a registered dental assistant, I enjoy being a part of the patient experience at Mid-Peninsula Orthodontics. It is such a rewarding experience each time our patients walk out with a great result.




Records Coordinator

As a new member of the Mid Peninsula Orthodontics Team I am excited to be able to help our patients with the calm and reassurance of Dr. Quo one smile at a time.  Working with our patients gives me energy.  It's such a positive experience interacting with young kids, teenagers and adults.  I love the connections we make with our patients.  We strive to make our patients feel special and this is why I love coming to our office every day!




Lab Coordinator

I am grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to work in an office that provides excellent work and patient care. Dr. Quo’s vision and dedication is not for personal benefit – she truly wants to see the community happy and smiling. I enjoy working as the Lab Coordinator, making appliances and retainers in house for the convenience of our patients.




RDA, Treatment Coordinator

I have the good fortune to be a part of the orthodontic patient experience for many years.  It is very rewarding to know that I am a part of a team that thrives on quality patient care and satisfaction. As a registered dental assistant,  I've worn many hats in our office, from Records Coordinator, to Scheduling Coordinator, to now as Treatment Coordinator. I love helping our patients smile. Smile – it will lighten up your day! 




Registered Dental Assistant

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this amazing team! Dr. Quo and our team we are always striving to provide our patients with the best experience. I look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of your orthodontic journey!




Sterilization Technician

I love my job and what I do. I am fortunate to work with the team and with Dr. Quo. I love making people smile and enjoy working as a team.

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New Patient Coordinator

I am very fortunate to be a part of Mid Peninsula Orthodontics. As the New patient coordinator I am excited to provide the best patient care. Happy to be part of this team.



Scheduling Coordinator

I am very fortunate to be part of Mid Peninsula Orthodontic team that works together as a whole and see the end result of our patients’ amazing smile.



Records Coordinator

I enjoy being part of Mid Peninsula Orthodontics because I have the opportunity to work with a wonderful team and get to learn new technologies that were not taught at endo.




I feel very happy to be here, working with Dr Quo and the team. I love that we have the opportunity to see the changes in patient’s lives through their smiles.



Lab Technician

Working at Mid Peninsula Orthodontics as a lab technician for the past 4 years has been very rewarding, from seeing the beginning stages of braces to seeing the end result. There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all.

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