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Meet the Team

We welcome you with warm smiles to our practice!




Front Desk Coordinator & Dental Assistant

Being a part of Mid Peninsula Orthodontics is awesome. Drs. Quo & Schron, along with our amazing team, strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. We see our patients grow up and we see how their smiles transform. Having had braces myself as an adult, I can relate with our patients! I love to give pointers on oral hygiene techniques and tips on braces care to make it an easy experience.


Fun fact: My passion is party planning and I am a Master at the Cricket!



Surgery Coordinator, Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy being an interactive part of the patient experience. It is so rewarding to see our patients walk out into the world with a great result. I help facilitate and coordinate the care of those patients having orthognathic surgery for correcting their bite or improving their breathing.


Fun Fact: I have lived in 4 different countries and my favorite cuisine is Greek food.



Clinic Administrator, Orthodontic Assistant

Working with our patients gives me energy! I manage clinic operations and training. I enjoy helping our patients with a calm reassurance. It's such a positive experience interacting with young kids, teenagers and adults. I love the connections we make with our patients. We strive to make our patients feel special and this is why I love coming to our office every day!


Fun Fact: I used to be pre-school teacher and I adore kids!




Lab Coordinator

I am grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to work in an office that provides excellent work and patient care. Dr. Quo and Dr. Schron’s vision and dedication are not for personal benefit – they truly wants to see the community happy and smiling. I oversee lab operations as the Lab Coordinator, while also fabricating appliances and retainers.


Fun Fact: My family is my everything and our favorite activity is fishing.



Treatment Coordinator & Orthodontic Assistant

I have had the good fortune to be a part of the orthodontic patient experience for many years. It is very rewarding to know that I am a part of a team that thrives on quality patient care and satisfaction. I've worn many hats in our office - from Records Coordinator, to Scheduling Coordinator, to now Treatment Coordinator. I love helping our patients smile. Smile – it will lighten up your day!


Fun Fact: I’m about to have another grandchild and I love running marathons with my grandson in tow!



Front Desk Administrator, Orthodontic Assistant

I love our patients! I am fortunate to be a part of this amazing team! Dr. Quo, Dr. Schron and our team always strive to provide our patients with the best experience. I look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your orthodontic journey!


Fun Fact: My son and I love to try new pizza places, from Marin to San Jose!



Financial Coordinator

I’m on the administrative side, taking care of patient billing, insurance submittals and office financial responsibilities. I always get a thrill from seeing our patients’ smiles. It’s a team effort to achieve a great result.


Fun Fact: I love to garden and build birdhouses. On the weekend, my right hand becomes a hammer.

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Records Coordinator

I am the primary assistant for taking photos, xrays, and digital scans. We have 3D technology in our appliances and wires, and I track this communication. You may also see me chairside, helping Drs. Quo & Schron delivering appliances.


Fun Fact: I am crazy about BTX!



Orthodontic Assistant

I love the opportunity to see the changes in patient’s lives through their smiles. This gives me much joy and I’m so happy to have a role in delivering high quality orthodontic care. Our wonderful patients always make me smile.


Fun Fact: I’m the #1 fan of Ecuador soccer! Ask me anything about Ecuador.



Lab Technician

You may not see me in the office, but all the removable appliances flow through me. Working at Mid Peninsula Orthodontics as a lab technician for the past 4 years has been very rewarding, from seeing the beginning stages of braces to seeing the end result. There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all.


Fun Fact: My daughter and I search the Bay Area for the best tapioca drinks. I’m a huge fan of popping boba!



Dental Assistant

If I haven’t met you yet, then please stop me in the office to say hello! I love serving our patients and helping Drs. Schron & Quo. I’ll be in the clinic, helping to seat and prepare the patients for INVISALIGN trays and clear braces.

Fun Fact: I like to paint, craft, and cook up new recipes. Engaging in these hobbies allows me to express myself freely and unwind.



Sterilization Technician 

As a sterilization technician, I am thrilled to ensure everything is squeaky clean and germ-free! It's like being a health superhero for smiles! They're all about creating a comfy, safe space where patients can relax and feel great about their visit. Each day is an adventure in safeguarding well-being and spreading contagious positivity!


Fun Fact: On weekends, I love to escape and enjoy nature. Whether it's hiking through scenic trails, biking along a river path, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, being outdoors rejuvenates my spirit and helps me recharge.

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Marketing/Project Coordinator

As a marketing/project coordinator, I'm all about turning ideas into reality and making things happen! I thrive on the excitement of bringing creative campaigns to life and keeping projects on track. Every day is a new adventure in collaboration and problem-solving, where I get to ignite enthusiasm and drive success!


Fun Fact: love seeking out thrilling adventures like zip-lining through forests, trying out quirky escape rooms with friends, or even taking spontaneous road trips to explore hidden gems.

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